Birds Eye - Case Study

Wisbech provides the perfect solution - excellent service and an ideal location for distribution 

Client profile

Founded in 1922 and employing over 2,500 people, Birds Eye makes great tasting frozen food and is famous for classic family favourites such as fish fingers and frozen peas as well as new innovative product ranges such as Birds Eye Fish Chargrills and Birds Eye Chicken Inspirations.

Whilst the company’s UK headquarters are based in Middlesex, it also operates a pea processing facility in Hull and a manufacturing plant in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Birds Eye began storing its wide range of products for the UK and Ireland market at the Partner Logistics’ modern Wisbech facility in 2010.

Logistics solution

In 2010, due to changes in their existing warehouse provider, Birds Eye needed to source another warehouse and required a storage solution which was capable, reliable and flexible to store and support the distribution of their products to major retailers across the UK and Ireland. Partner Logistics Wisbech was a perfect solution, providing an excellent service and an ideal location for distribution.

They are currently the biggest company using the Wisbech warehouse, making use of 40% of the sites storage capacity – the largest in the UK with a 77,000 pallet capacity. Temperatures in the giant cold store are maintained at -24°C.

Business benefits delivered

A key feature of the Wisbech warehouse was its extremely low carbon footprint and this commitment to sustainability is playing a part in contributing to the reduction of Birds Eye’s carbon emissions which is part of Birds Eye’s Forever Food Together CSR programme.

The Wisbech cold store, which was designed and built to the highest environmental specifications, offers a carbon footprint that is considered to be the lowest in the industry. The site uses 50% less energy than the European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (ECSLA) best standard and only 50% more energy despite it being up to ten times the size of most other conventional cold stores.

Additionally, all Partner Logistics warehouses are fully automated and equipped with the latest technology to ensure they deliver industry-leading accuracy for critical metrics such as order picking and load on time. Birds Eye delivers almost 5,500 pallets to the Wisbech facility each week so it is essential that the warehouse is able to provide the high quality end-to-end service that is required.

Partner Logistics provide an extensive spectrum of services to Birds Eye including receipt, handling and dispatch, storage, picking and Value Added Logistics (VAL) services such as re-packing and de-topping.

They also work on joint projects such as a recent trial of double stack pallet shipment. This project has taken a number of trucks off the road, cutting fuel costs and reducing CO2 emissions.

Speaking of Birds Eye’s relationship with Partner Logistics, Peter Broome, Head of Logistics and Distribution at Birds Eye, said: “Since we first began working with Partner Logistics over four years ago they have become a key collaborative partner for our business. They provide excellent levels of service, support us with innovative solutions to continuously improve our operation, and deliver an overall warehousing solution that perfectly meets our current requirements.”

Partner Logistics is unique in the frozen warehousing industry as its fully automated warehouses are built to specific client requirements and are delivered through sustainable, long-term contracts. As well as operating warehouses, Partner Logistics works closely with transport partners to provide an integrated end-to-end logistics solution.


Birds Eye fact file

  • Birds Eye was founded in 1922 by American explorer and scientist Clarence Birdseye
  • Birds Eye is part of the Iglo Group
  • It produces and markets premium branded frozen food products in 11 countries
  • Partner Logistics Wisbech stores over 280,000 pallets every year for Birds Eye
  • Pick accuracy for Birds Eye products at Wisbech is consistently over 99%


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