Cutting Costs with Sustainable Warehousing

With CO2 reduction high on the agenda for many organisations, Partner Logistics have taken a radical approach to ensure they provide energy efficient and sustainable warehousing for their customers.

Within the supply chain, many companies have chosen to use a sustainable warehousing option for the storage of their products in order to help them hit their energy saving targets. Choosing to use sustainable warehousing means that these companies can reduce their overall carbon footprint, helping them to be more competitive in an increasingly environmentally conscious market.

Partner Logistics warehouse facilities are all designed and built with energy efficiency at the forefront and they incorporate a number of impressive features that make them some of the most carbon efficient frozen food warehouses in Europe.

All Partner Logistics’ sites are highly automated and super-sized, with the Bergen op Zoom site being the largest in Europe and the Wisbech site being the largest in the UK. In fact, all the sites are typically five to ten times larger than a conventional cold store meaning they have a much higher ‘volume to surface area ratio’, and probably have the lowest CO2 rating per pallet stored.

For example, the Wisbech facility in Cambridgeshire, UK uses 50% less energy than the European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (ECSLA) best standard and only 50% more energy than other warehouses one tenth of its size.

Design features of the Wisbech warehouse include:

  • Insulated panels 200mm thick to minimise heat loss
  • The warehouse floor is built on piles with a specially designed foundation including use of under floor heating to prevent cold leakage
  • The heat created from cooling the main store is recycled to heat the underground piles to help prevent cold leakage

Partner Logistics also regularly roll out impressive energy saving projects at their warehouses to proactively reduce carbon emissions.

In 2013 they partnered with Nomad Power, a cost-saving electrical power supply system that contributes towards sustainable refrigerated transport. Using Nomad Power, HGV drivers can refrigerate their load whilst unloading at a Partner Logistics warehouse, using sustainable electricity rather than their less economic diesel engines. This new solution helps to reduce the overall supply chain’s carbon footprint whilst at the same time as saving the customer valuable fuel costs.

Partner Logistics have also teamed up with Birds Eye and DHL to take part in a project which uses double-deck trailers to transport pallets of frozen goods from the warehouse to the customer distribution centre. In the ten week trial alone, the project took eight trucks off the road and saved huge amounts of diesel and carbon.

The most recent project, which took place at the Partner Logistics site in Gloucester UK, was a complete transition from using conventional high-intensity discharge lighting to highly energy efficient LED lighting. For this project the company partnered with Dexeco, who specialise in designing and producing energy efficient products including state-of-the-art lighting and sensors.

Partner Logistics is always looking to invest in the latest green technology and continue to work with a number of partners to ensure they remain leaders in the field of sustainable integrated logistics.

For further information on our sustainable warehousing or to discuss your business requirements please contact us.