Efficient frozen food logistics

The UK frozen food market is growing significantly and this has resulted in frozen food logistics providers facing pressure from both consumers who want to stock their freezers and manufacturers who want to move their frozen goods faster.

Frozen food logistics providers have had no choice but to take steps to drive up their efficiency in order to meet changing requirements and enhance value for their customers, and for themselves.

As an integrated frozen food logistics provider, Partner Logistics has looked innovatively at the whole supply chain process and identified where improvements can be made to ensure they deliver the best possible supply chain operation.

Cost savings

With companies under increasing pressure to reduce their road miles and improve fuel efficiency, cutting down fuel consumption by even a very small amount can have a significant impact on overall transport costs.

Partner Logistics work in close cooperation with carefully selected transport and distribution partners in mainland Europe and the UK to fully utilise transport capacities and streamline distribution operations. By doing this, their customers not only reduce the amount of fuel they are using, but can save money by outsourcing their storage and distribution to Partner Logistics instead of taking care of it in house.

Energy savings

As well as cutting down fuel consumption, the collaboration with selected transport partners also means that Partner Logistics aid their customers in significantly reducing CO2 emissions, making sustainability targets more achievable.

In terms of their cold storage offering, the Partner Logistics warehouses are typically five to ten times larger than conventional cold storage facilities and this leads to a much higher ‘volume to surface area ratio’, which ultimately means they have one of the lowest CO2 ratings per pallet stored. Each site was also built with sustainability at the top of the agenda, so they incorporate a number of impressive energy-saving features.

Time Savings

Partner Logistics have invested heavily in technology and automation at their sites and this minimises human error, meaning that their operations are much more efficient when compared to a manual service. The sophisticated warehouse management systems keep each site running like clockwork and give staff access to detailed information about every pallet stored.

Each of the six sites are also located in logistically optimised locations for many of Partner Logistics’ customers who have food production and manufacturing facilities based within close proximity,  meaning that there is a short transit time to move the produce into the cold store. For example, Pinguin Foods operates in Boston and Kings Lynn in Lincolnshire UK – only 22 and 12 miles away respectively from the Wisbech store in Cambridgeshire.


In response to shorter lead times and increased delivery frequency many logistics providers have had to ensure that they are providing a day-one-for-day-two service. By providing this regular service at all of their six warehouses, Partner Logistics’ customers can offer greater flexibility and a more responsive service to their customers.

This 24/7 operation also means that Partner Logistics can be relied upon to deal with any unforeseen fluctuations in demand.


All of the Partner Logistics warehouses achieve 99% accuracy or above for variables such as order picking, order fulfilment and loading on time. By getting the right products to the right customers on time, there are no additional costs for corrected orders, additional road journeys and time spent investigating discrepancies.

Furthermore, products are moved through the warehouse on a series of automated conveyors and cranes, which cuts down human handling and subsequently reduces room for mistakes and improves overall operational quality.


To find out more about how Partner Logistics can improve your supply chain efficiency, please contact us.