Maintaining Optimum Product Quality

The frozen food market is steadily increasing year-on-year with consumers attempting to cut waste and save money. Because of this, the frozen food storage sector and temperature-controlled supply chain has been put under significant pressure to move faster, store and deliver more products and cut costs.

Partner Logistics is a frozen food storage and integrated logistics service provider that designs, builds and operates cold storage facilities to meet the specific requirements of clients such as Birds Eye, Lamb Weston, Pinguin and other leading names in the frozen food industry.

Overseeing more than five million pallet movements each year across the UK and Europe, Partner Logistics have invested heavily in the latest automated systems to provide a fast and efficient service for their customers. This sophisticated technology has also allowed them to effectively monitor and maintain a low temperature environment in which to store a variety of frozen food products.

It is crucial within frozen food storage that temperature is strictly controlled at all times as excessive temperature fluctuations can lead to serious dehydration of the food products and quality deterioration. If food becomes contaminated during processing and handling the costs can be astronomical, costing companies thousands of pounds for a single incident.

Partner Logistics works with its transport partners to ensure temperature data during transportation to the warehouse is always made available to check that product quality has been maintained whilst also providing this information to its customers.

Following transportation and during the unloading process at the warehouse, it is essential that the frozen food products are not exposed to other temperature conditions. Therefore, the refrigerated lorries are reversed into sealed dock doors, which prevent any cold air escaping and stop pests or contamination getting in.

Once within the warehouse, all loading and unloading areas are fully enclosed in order to maintain a consistent temperature and ensure that the product is always kept in optimum condition. This environment is maintained throughout the expanse of the warehouse as the product makes its way through a fully automated system until it reaches its final storage location.

A rigorous set of systems and procedures are implemented throughout the warehouse to ensure core temperatures are kept within strict tolerances at all times, typically operating at -27°C. Alternating compressors ensure there are no risks to refrigeration power and online monitoring also ensures that visibility of their performance and efficiency is maintained. 

With constant online access to temperature information and automatic alarms direct to engineers and management should there be any anomalies, through the fully integrated and monitored system, products are guaranteed to always leave the warehouse in perfect condition.

Through investing heavily in the latest automation, which controls warehouse temperatures and provides customers with accurate product temperature data, Partner Logistics has ensured that it is playing its part in improving the quality control and efficiency of the frozen food supply chain. Partner Logistics continues to work hard to improve its systems to be as efficient as possible and maintain the high quality of every single food product stored at its facilities in the UK and Europe.

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