Life of a pallet in a Lineage Logistics frozen food warehouse

When a pallet arrives at one of our frozen food warehouses, it is usually unloaded via our automated inbound system. The pallet then progresses into the temperature controlled storage area, where it is scanned in multiple ways to ensure that it has the correct profile (product load, weight, size, pallet type, etc). If rejected, it is diverted to an area where a member of staff can rectify any issues. Once accepted, the pallet is moved to the high bay for storage, using high speed automated stacker cranes.

Pallets are stored in racking up to 13 levels high and 10 deep, under the control of our Warehouse Management System (WMS). Any pallet can be reached by stacker cranes, allowing for any potential downtime. The WMS also maintains a housekeeping function to optimise the storage of pallets as well as being able to accurately locate any single pallet.

When the pallet is to be retrieved, it is taken from the high bay by a stacker crane and transferred to the designated outbound area with the use of a smaller shuttle crane.

Each of our frozen food warehouse facilities also has a manual picking area, to provide a flexible facility to service mixed pallet requirements, as well as space for value added logistics services.