Lineage Logistics role in the frozen food supply chain

With an extremely competitive market and ever-changing consumer demands, many producers in the frozen food supply chain are choosing to select integrated logistics providers instead of outsourcing services from a number of smaller specialist providers in order to drive up efficiency.

There are a number of significant benefits of working with an integrated service provider within the frozen food supply chain, including:

  • A single point of contact
  • Reduced management time and effort – the company doesn’t have to coordinate the supply chain activities of multiple providers
  • More time for the company to focus on core business
  • Lower cost (volume reduction)
  • Improved service and streamlined operations
  • Inventory reduction

Furthermore, by choosing an integrated provider in the frozen food supply chain, producers are offered a custom-built approach to suit their needs and they can easily extend their global network.

Lineage Logistics’ new business strategy

In response to the evolving demands of their customers, Lineage Logistics is launching a new business approach which focuses on their development from providing storage facilities, to collaborating with transport partners to offer an integrated service that includes transport and distribution.

Their mission is: “To offer a fully integrated frozen supply chain network in Europe that takes care of the complete logistics process: from collection at the factory, until delivery at the customer (of our customer)”.

Their integrated service is made up of the following components:

  • Collection from factory/producer
  • Unloading into warehouse and completing inventory
  • Order picking/packing
  • Distribution to end customer

The inventory stage of the process will be supported by the Customer Portal – a web-based portal which allows customers to log in and have access to their stock records. Through the portal, customers will also be able to book orders and contact Lineage Logistics directly. Furthermore, customers are also able to download Excel spreadsheets of all the warehouse performance metrics, which can be shared with their internal organisation.

Through becoming an integrated provider, Lineage Logistics is not only providing an improved service for their customers but are ensuring they stay as leaders in the industry.

In the past, food producers often had to arrange the inbound and outbound transport of their frozen food products which proved inefficient and costly. These companies can now rely on Lineage Logistics to take care of the complete process, improving supply chain efficiency and allowing them to use the time and resources they wasted on organising multiple suppliers, to focus on other aspects of their business.

A further benefit of an integrated approach for Lineage Logistics customers is the location of the warehouses. By using these centralised locations and working with transport partners, Lineage Logistics can keep transport costs low.

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