Pinguin Foods

Wisbech cold storage warehouse provides low food miles and responsive logistics solution

Client profile 

Pinguin is a leading international company specialising in producing high quality frozen vegetables, fruit and convenience products for the retail and food service industry.

Present in 90 countries, Pinguin deliver more than 450,000 tonnes of frozen vegetables each year from 12 strategically placed production sites in Europe.

The UK operation, based in Kings Lynn and Boston, offers a large choice of high quality vegetable products throughout the year for retailers around the country.

Pinguin selected Partner Logistics’ cold storage warehouse in Wisbech in 2010 as their service providers to manage their storage of stock, predominantly produced in the UK.

Logistics solution
Pinguin required a reliable and efficient frozen storage solution that provides volume capacity, with the capability of speed and throughput, and one that is better able to store and support the distribution of a wide range of food products which are distributed to major supermarkets across the UK.

The products were previously stored at the company’s Kings Lynn site. However, when this was redeveloped, the company had to seek an alternative storage solution. Partner Logistics, who already supplied a storage distribution service for Pinguin in Ypres, Belgium, were able to offer the service and storage facilities required at their Wisbech site, the largest cold store in the UK, which is conveniently located only 12 miles from Kings Lynn and 22 miles from Boston.

Since 2011, all of Pinguin’s packed stock has been stored at Partner Logistics Wisbech. However, recently, as the site has exceeded their expectations in terms of service and operations, Pinguin have chosen take storage for a further 7,500 pallets of raw materials.

The state-of-the-art warehouse currently operates at temperatures down to -24°C, and is fully automated and designed to the highest environmental specifications.

Business benefits delivered
The use of one centralised location for all their products has improved efficiency throughout the whole supply chain process and has also contributed towards a significant reduction in Pinguin’s carbon consumption, supporting their strong commitment to sustainability.

In order to improve efficiency within the supply chain as a whole, the Partner Logistics warehouse utilises best-in-class automation to reduce costs and faster retrieve goods, whilst not impacting on the quality of service. Additionally, their investment in the latest technology, including sophisticated inventory software, ensures the flow of goods is optimised at all times and delivers improved accuracy for order picking and load performance. With Pinguin delivering 125 loads to the Wisbech facility each week, it is essential that the warehouse is fully equipped in order to be efficient and responsive to provide the high quality end-to-end solution that is required.

In addition, the Wisbech location delivers Pinguin significant benefits in terms of energy efficiency. The facility was designed and built to the highest environmental specifications and because of this, offers a carbon footprint that is one of the lowest in the industry. Furthermore, due to the logistically optimised location of the warehouse in relation to the Pinguin factories, this significantly reduces their food miles and CO2 emissions.

Speaking of Pinguins relationship with Partner Logistics, Neil Winner, Operations Manager, said: “Since we first began working with Partner Logistics they have been able to deliver a solution that met all of our needs, adding significant value to our overall operations, whilst providing excellent levels of service. We have been able to consolidate our range of products together to create a leaner, more efficient supply chain and in turn reduce our carbon consumption and our overall costs.”

Partner Logistics is unique in the frozen warehousing industry as its fully automated warehouses are built to specific client requirements and are delivered through sustainable, long-term contracts. As well as operating warehouses, Partner Logistics works with transport partners to provide a complete logistics end to end solution, providing us with absolute peace of mind.

Pinguin fact file

  • Pinguin offer more than 2,000 product lines
  • The company has 12 production sites, strategically situated in the most fertile agriculture areas in Europe
  • They export to over 80 countries
  • Wisbech outbound load performance for Pinguin stock is 99.92% for an average 140 loads per week.
  • Wisbech pick accuracy for Pinguin stock is 99.98% for an average 9168 cases picked per week


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