Sustainable Warehousing

Lineage Logistics' European Network delivers world-class environmental practice and sustainable warehousing which significantly reduces carbon emissions within the supply chain.

Our network of automated warehousing facilities are designed and built to the highest environmental specifications and, as a company, we consistently create practical solutions to improve carbon efficiency with techniques such as sustainable warehouse management and automated warehousing systems. This, in turn, directly helps our customers to meet their carbon reduction targets.

Our sustainable warehouses are typically five to ten times larger than conventional cold storage facilities. This leads to a much higher ‘volume to surface area ratio’, which ultimately means we probably have the lowest CO2 rating per pallet stored.

To illustrate, our warehouses use up to 50% less energy than the European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (ECSLA) best standard and our Wisbech site uses only 50% more energy than other cold stores just one-tenth of its size.