Value-added warehousing and distribution

Take-up in the warehousing and distribution UK market fell significantly during 2012 due to the uncertainty surrounding the stability of the economy. However, in the last few years, with the UK recovering from its recession, the warehousing and distribution industry has seen significant improvement and growth.

Although welcome, this growth has resulted in a number of challenges for the industry. Market trends have included increased urbanisation (leading to short lead times), high availability of complete product ranges (leading to the need for more distribution channels), fresher produce with increased need for temperature controlled distribution and, due to the horsemeat scandal, tougher regulations and increased traceability requirements.

Furthermore, as the industry has embraced an internet-driven marketplace, customers have been able to easily order online and expect their products quicker, so warehousing and distribution companies must ensure they’re running a streamlined operation.

These challenges, in a highly competitive industry, all lead to the need to produce highly effective and flexible automatised solutions, of which Partner Logistics are at the forefront.

Partner Logistics approach

In addition to the need for a more streamlined operation, warehouse and distribution operators must also be highly cost-efficient. Their customers require an economical solution to keep their overall overhead costs to a minimum, including costs for their storage and logistics.

Partner Logistics is dedicated to providing this cost-efficient service for its customers. For example, one way they significantly reduce costs is through providing warehouses that are entirely automated. This means that the number of people employed is almost a third less than compared with smaller, conventional warehouses. In fact, Partner Logistics employ less than 250 people group wide.

In addition to this, Partner Logistics also team up with their customers on innovative projects to increase efficiency and sustainability such as using double-deck trailers and horizontal collaboration for transportation.

Partner Logistics also differentiates itself from the competition on service quality. The Warehouse Management System used in all the warehouses was developed in-house and records all of the products on receipt by scanning the pallet label which enables end-to-end tracking of every item stored. Through this extensive identification process, Partner Logistics can be sure that the outbound destination will always receive exactly the right product and we will be able to locate each product within the warehouse at the click of a button. This is also beneficial when it comes to the traceability of every product stored.

Partner Logistics are constantly looking for ways to improve the services they offer. Every additional service offered is one less thing that their customers have to worry about.

Currently, they deliver:

  • RH&D (Receipt, handling and dispatch)
  • Storage
  • Primary transport
  • Secondary distribution services
  • Case picking

Furthermore, they also provide a range of Value-Added Logistics services including:

  • Wrapping & labelling
  • Stickering
  • Restacking
  • Reject handling
  • 24/7 service
  • Reporting

The future

Partner Logistics is always looking to progress and improve in order to provide the best possible service for its customers. The systems used within their warehouses are all developed by a knowledgeable and skilled workforce who closely understand the needs and requirements of the customers.

Partner Logistics’ customers can be confident that in the future they will continue to receive an industry-leading service, which consistently adds value to their operations.

To find out more about Partner Logistics warehousing and distribution services, please contact us.